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Saw-Related Hand Injury: Prevention and Treatment

Power tools, and saws in particular, are very useful tools for a wide range of projects. Their effectiveness, however, also makes them very dangerous tools. Whether you are in construction or working on smaller home projects, using a saw can cause serious hand injuries if you are not careful. 

If you are either using a saw regularly and want to be informed about possible hand injuries you could experience or if you are currently suffering from a power saw hand injury, I’m a Houston, Texas board certified hand specialist who has spent years treating and educating patients about power saw blade injuries. 

To help better understand these injuries, I put together this informational guide to explain more about power saw hand injuries. 

What kind of hand injury could occur from using a saw?

Power saw hand injuries vary by patient and severity. The severity depends on the injury location, injury depth and the features of the saw that caused the injury. Injuries can range from those just needing therapy to those needing surgery.

Some common power saw hand injuries include, but are not limited to:

  • Carpal tunnel
  • Nerve injuries or nerve damage
  • Breaking upper extremity bones
  • Electrical shocks
  • Burns

If you are in the Houston area and are suffering from a power saw hand injury, I recommend you come visit me as soon as possible so I can determine the extent of your injuries and the best treatment plan. If you need immediate attention, however, seek emergency care.

What would cause me to experience a hand injury from using a saw? How can I prevent a hand injury?

Many power saw injuries occur when you fail to follow the safety precautions of operating a saw. Any saw you purchase will come with safety recommendations that you should read thoroughly. Remember, handling a power saw carefully and safely can help you avoid serious issues such as loss of movement and feeling in your hands or even amputation. 

What treatment options are available to me if I injure my hand with a saw?

The treatment options for a hand injury caused by using a saw depend on the exact injury. We will assess the most effective treatment for you when you visit the practice. 

So you are prepared, some treatments for power saw hand injuries may include:

  • Stitches or bandages for cuts
  • Skin grafts for larger injuries to the skin
  • Casting for broken bones
  • Amputation or replantation of the finger, hand or arm 

Do not take power saw hand injuries lightly. Visit our hand center in the Houston or Conroe to consult on the best treatment options if you are suffering from a saw-related hand injury.