Hand Therapy in Houston and Conroe, Texas

Hand therapy is a certified specialty of physical therapy (PT) and occupational therapy (OT) requiring five extra years of study to become certified hand therapists designated by the credentials CHT.

Our Therapists work closely with our Physicians to develop a customized rehabilitation program designed for your specific condition as well as incorporate your expectations and goals.

 Timely and accurate rehabilitation often means the difference in rapid recovery and restoration of function versus long-term disability.

 If you suffer from conditions of the hands, fingers, arms, or shoulders that affect your daily functioning   then you may be a candidate for hand therapy.

 But what should you know about hand therapy before scheduling an appointment with a therapist? Learn all about hand physical therapy from the board certified hand specialist Dr. Jason Ashford in Houston, Texas.

If you know you need therapy but have not seen a board certified hand specialists for hand therapy instructions, please contact our office at (936) 494-2969 to schedule your appointment.

hand therapistKelly Bettes, OT, CHT, COMT

Kelly Bettes thoroughly enjoys the challenges of complex situations and the individualized patient care that the specialty of hand therapy requires. After 25 years in this field she brings a high level of patient centered care with a goal oriented treatment approach. She specializes in treating all injuries of her profession including hand, wrist and forearm trauma, fractures, tendon lacerations, as well as cumulative trauma. She is compassionate, patient, supportive, experienced. She enjoys educating patients for both the shorter term and longer term with the ultimate goal of returning patients to full activities and potential.


Education and Certifications
Bachelor in Occupational Therapy 1995
University of Texas Medical Branch Galveston
Certified Hand Therapist since 2002
Certified in UE Manual Therapy in 2014

When should I consider hand therapy?

There are a wide variety of injuries and conditions that may have patients considering hand therapy. If you are suffering from the following you may be a candidate:

Those who suffer from conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome or tennis elbow or have chronic pain due to arthritis or a neurologic condition are also typically prime candidates for hand physical therapy. Every case is unique, however, so when you visit with Dr. Ashford he can better assess if you should undergo hand therapy.

What are the benefits of hand therapy?

There are a number of reasons you should consider hand physical therapy over other treatment options, or worse, no treatment at all. Some of the benefits of hand therapy are:

  • Lessening problematic scar tissue
  • Massage of tissues and muscles to improve mobility
  • Improving blood flow and circulation to affected tissues
  • Delivers stimulation to improve circulation of the lymphatic system
  • Reduces pain
  • Improves stiffness
  • Decreases nerve sensitivities and improves feeling in affected area
  • Construction of specific rehabilitation and orthotic devices such as splints for treatment
  • Provides in home instructions and care

hand therapyHow will therapy be helpful if I undergo surgery?

If surgery is needed, your hand therapist can also help with your recovery. This may include assistance with helping wounds heal, preventing infection, scar management and reducing swelling.

How do I avoid further problems because of work?

We understand how important your work is in your life. Hand therapist can speak with your employer to provide them with full understanding of your condition and how best to prevent future damage of your arms and hands. They may recommend changes to your work environment or different ways of doing your job to help ensure a healthy style of work.

Why Choose Dr. Jason Ashford

  • Accurate diagnosis and treatment plan
  • Specialized, experienced and board certified hand surgeon
  • Visibility of all charges
  • Quick action plans to eliminate costly time and money
  • Coordination of overall care plans

Why wait? Contact our office today for speedy recovery with the opportunity for less downtime.

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Find a Hand Therapist Search in the Houston area by going to  www.asht.org, the official website of the American Society of Hand Therapists. 

Also, feel free to contact the offices of Dr. Jason Ashford, at our Houston, Texas practice to learn more at (936) 494-2969.