Testimonials and Reviews

I recommend Dr.Ashford. He is an excellent surgeon! I had surgery on my hand and I am recovering well. He takes the time to explain everything and I never felt rushed. He was very compassionate and answered all of my questions. I trust him. His staff was very pleasant and professional. I am very pleased with the care he provided for me and I wish all of my exsperiances with medical treatment measured up to the care he provided for me. Thank you Dr. Ashford!

Crystal Van Horne Avatar Crystal Van Horne
November 20, 2018

Awesome Doctor, awesome staff. The doctor explained everything to me. answered all my questions. My surgery went perfectly, and had very little pain afterward. I'm healing up fine and will definitely return if i have any future problems.

Paul Berringer Avatar Paul Berringer
November 1, 2018

Very cordial with me and the way he urges you to do all you can to recover is great.

Iam Doge Avatar Iam Doge
January 4, 2020